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Before and After School Care Club





May we take this opportunity in welcoming you and your child/children to J.B's Before and After School Care Club, J.B Tots  and JB's Holiday Club. Our aim is to offer you the best quality childcare before and after school along with full day care for nursery children and funded places for children aged 2 and 3. We also provide fun filled days throughout the school holidays.

Our provisions are run independently within the school by fully qualified dedicated staff and are a continuation from the school day.

Please find below information which you may find useful.    

Aims and Objectives

J.B's BASCC and J.B Tots/BASCC are committed to:


Providing out of school provisions to children from age 2 to 11.

Ensuring all the needs of the children are met.

Delivering a planned variety of activities which is appropriate to the individual needs and ability of the child.

To provide a safe, well maintained and hygienic environment.

To develop and foster a close working relationship with parents/carers.

To provide and ensure quality equipment and resources throughout our settings.

To ensure that equality of opportunities permeates all aspects of the service we offer.

To provide all staff with opportunities to update their professional development.

To promote our provision in a positive way at all times in order to contribute in our success and sustainability.


Payment Procedure

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis and we kindly ask that fee's are paid in full and in advance on or before the 15th day of each calendar month. Fee's not received by this time will result in your child/children losing their place. We accept:

  • Cash
  • Cheque (made payable to JBPS Before and After School Care Club/Tots
  • Childcare vouchers

We politely ask that no Fee's are handed to members of staff within the school/nursery but are placed in a labelled envelope and posted in the secure post box situated within the club rooms.


Fees per session:

  • Breakfast Club: 7.45am - 8.45am: £4.60
  • JB'S After School Club: 3.15pm - 6.00pm: £7.60



Please inform the manager of the club if your child is unable to attend their session. This can be done by calling/texting the numbers below. You will be charged at the full rate for the session in order to keep the child's place.

For all club enquiries please contact:

  • Mrs Sally Clarke (Before and After School Club Manager) - 07508857641

Late Collection Charges

  • Up to 15 minutes late (e.g. 6.00-6.15pm) = £5.00 additional charge
  • Up to 30 minutes late (e.g. 6.15-6.30pm) = further £7.50 additional charge (£12.50 total)
  • Up to 45 minutes late (e.g. 6.30-6.45pm) = further £10.00 additional charge (£22.50 total)
  • Up to 1 hour late and beyond (e.g. 6.45-7.00pm+) = further £12.50 additional charge (£35.00 total)

These charges are to be applied to the end of all club sessions.

Please note that if you wish for any reason to change your regular booked sessions, a month's notice is kindly requested.




                                                                                   Our Staff

Mrs S Clarke - Manager

Mrs H Brookes - Deputy Manager

Mrs S Serafin, Mrs J Marsh, Miss S Stringer, Miss L Brooks, Mrs S Elcock, Miss E McLeod, Mrs K McKie, Mr M Foster