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John Bamford Primary

Digital Leaders

The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme is a youth leadership programme empowering young people to educate their peers about online safety. Each year, children can apply to join the team for the whole year.

Each year we have 8 keen and motivated Digital Leaders across our key stages ready to support and inform. When their training is complete, they gain their Digital Leaders badge and they are ready to be the hard working, excellent ambassadors for online safety.


Our Commitments

  • To be great role models, making sure we lead people down the right path.
  • To be knowledgeable, feeding back what we learn to others.
  • To be supporting, providing positive guidance to all members of the school.


Autumn Term

The children begin their digital leader journey, learning about the SMART rules and about our Digital Footprint. We discuss the importance of Online Safety and why it is important for the whole school to develop an ethos for better Online Safety inside and outside of school.

In support of Anti-Bullying week, we will look at the importance of #OneKindWord. Recognising the importance of spreading kindness and giving credit and appreciation to those who have accomplished an achievement.

Cyberbullying is the deliberate and repetitive act of using Technology to be unkind or to harass someone. It could be from someone you know or done anonymously. If you or someone you know ever suffers from unkind action on screen, there is always a way to help.