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John Bamford Primary

Curriculum Intent - History

Our Curriculum Drivers

Characteristics of a John Bamford Historian


Cycle 1

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Years 1 and 2

Fire, Fire!

The Great Fire of London 1666

Samuel Pepys


The Gunpowder Plot 1605

King James

Guy Fawkes


Bakery, Leather buckets, London Monument, Thames, King Charles II, Samuel Pepys


Our Town

The Power Station – Built 1964


Family memories of them

People who worked there – class talk.




Into the Woods!

Robin Hood

Sherwood Forest

13th century


Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Marian, arrow, castle. sheriff, gold, rich, poor, taxes, forest, Nottingham


Study of National Fairy Tales (National adventure)


British Monarchy


Royal, reign, queen, prince, duke, heir, monarchy, heritage, tradition

All about Orang-utans /Rainforests


Christopher Columbus (South America – Rainforest)

1451 – 1506


America, rainforest, Europe, discover, admiral, explore, captain, landfall, navigate, New World, compass, route

Here we are (Global adventure)


First Flight – The Wright Brothers

1867 - 1948



Aircraft, adventure, aerodynamic, buoyancy, cabin, cockpit, controls, device, cylinder, flight, force, horizon, glide, inventor, launch, navigate, throttle, turbulence, Wright


Years 3 and 4

The Terrible Tudors


Henry VIII


Comparison of lifestyles

Tudor Houses

Reign of the Tudors


kirtle, ruff, doublet, breaches, corset, stockings, Monarch, Henry VIII, divorce, beheaded, reign, era




Our local library (Local adventure)


Rugeley history – William Palmer

Visit library to research

The Stone Age


Changes in British history – stone age to iron age.

Skara Brae – stone built Neolithic settlement


Spear, Skara Brae, fur pelt, Neolithic, mammoth, antler, weapons, stone, tools, sabre – toothed tiger, gatherer, Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, homo sapiens  

Town is by the sea (National adventure)

Blue Abyss



 Clean Water and Sanitation (Global adventure)

Years 5 and 6



British settlement by Anglo – Saxons and Scots – Roman withdrawal from Britain on AD410 and the fall of the Roman Empire – This must be included

Julius Caesar 100BC – 44BC


Conquer, invasion, aqueduct, gladiator, Colosseum, mythology, roads, senate, tunic, armour, chariot, Pantheon, centution

Rugeley Miners


Coal mining in UK began 1200s – Industrial Revolution expands link to Victorians – just a note to remind children

Lea Hall Colliery opens 1960

Closed in 1991



Mayans 2600 BC – 900AD Around the same time as Romans – Contrast


archaeologist, historian, invade, abandoned, kingdom, hostile, port, drought, settlement




Sports Relief (National adventure)




Tim Berners – Lee – Internet 1955


World Wide Web, inventor, engineer, internet, scientist


Deforestation (Global adventure)




Cycle 2

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Years 1 and 2

The Victorians


Life of a child

Comparisons of life now

Mary Seacole

Florence Nightingale

Queen Victoria

Our School (Local adventure)


JBPS 1980? Building changes in the school – past teacher / children class speaker

All About Chocolate!


John Cadbury 1801 - 1889

Bright Lights, Big Cities (National adventure)


Queen Elizabeth II – London – Buckingham Palace 1926

Growing Up


Changes in their living memory of themselves and family.

At the seaside, beach pollution (Global adventure)


Comparisons of holidays for the Victorians and now.

Years 3 and 4




Achievements of where and when civilisations appeared.


 Etching hill Rock (Local adventure)

Oh, the Places You’ll Go (Places in Europe)



St. George and the Dragon (National adventure)


23rd April 2023 St Georges Day – why and  it is celebrated in the country

Misty Mountains

 Climate Action (Global adventure)


David Attenborough – biography 1926

Years 5 and 6

Battles of Britain

World War II

Winston Churchill

The Blitz


The Use of Cannock Chase during WW1

Clearly highlight the dates on the timeline and how close the wars were together.

Ancient Greece

The study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the Western world (mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, kterature)

Alexander the Great


Shakespeare Week

Forces of Nature

Sustainability and Recycling




Aspire to be a Historian  

Here is a list of some jobs that history could support you in:

  • Academic researcher
  • Archivist
  • Heritage manager
  • Museum education officer
  • Secondary School teacher
  • Costume designer
  • Librarian
  • Broadcast journalist


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