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John Bamford Primary

Year 3 & 4


My name is Miss Aldred and I am a Year 3/4 teacher. I have worked at The John Bamford School for 14 years and have enjoyed every minute, especially watching how children grow in confidence when learning. When I am not a school I enjoy spending time with my little boy and singing


My name is Mrs Marshall (formally known as Miss Taylor) and I am a teacher in Years 3/4. This is my second year teaching at The John Bamford Primary School and I love it! At school, I love getting creative; therefore, my favourite subjects are Art and D&T. In my spare time, I love going to my caravan in Wales where I can swim, play golf and go on lots of picturesque walks with my French Bulldog, Buddy - that is where you will find me most weekends! Most importantly, my main aim is to help you to become the best that you can be!



My name is Mrs Chattoe and I started work at The John Bamford School in November 2021. I have spent most of the last 16 years teaching Y6, but I am currently enjoying the opportunity of teaching Y3/4. It is such a privilege to be able to watch the children learn new skills and gain confidence in their own ability.

In my spare time, I love going for walks with my miniature dachshund, crazy collie and three children. We also have a caravan which we enjoy towing to the sandy Welsh beaches whenever possible.


Teaching and learning in Year 3/4 is through a range of exciting and stimulating adventures. We encourage the children to become fully immersed in their learning and foster a sense of developing independence and responsibility. 

We will be looking at a range of adventures with focuses on local, national and global aspects to support our Vision and Values. 

In Year 4, children continue their learning of multiplication facts in preparation for Y4 Multiplication Tables Check in June. As part of daily lessons, children are given the opportunity to practise their recall of multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. 

Your child will read with an adult at school but reading regularly at home will support your child’s reading development and progress. 

MTP Summer 2022