The John Bamford Primary School

The John Bamford Primary School

Learning for Life


Vision for Science

Through our child-led, practical and investigative approach to science, John Bamford children will become confident, independent, scientifically literate citizens of the future who reflect upon their learning of the ever changing world around them.


At The John Bamford Primary School, we know that effective science learning occurs when:

Science is fun.

Children are motivated and engaged in science through high quality practical experiences.

Teachers feel confident about their teaching and subject knowledge.

Appropriate scientific vocabulary and key information is displayed and used by the children to explain their thinking.

Learning is linked to the real world.

Children have access to resources and know how to use them safely.

Learning is recorded in a variety of ways.

Children are given opportunity to reflect upon their learning; they ask questions, give opinions and make decisions.

Cross-curricular links are planned for and embedded.

Following work in class, children are enthused and excited to generate more scientific exploration in school and at home.

Children make progress in their scientific knowledge and skills.


Science Portfolio - PSQM Award June 2018